Design Team : Hatice Havle Aşkar
Architectural Office : Çakıltaşı Architectural Services
Employer : Jane Tony Mockridge
Project Date : 08.2006 - 03.2007
Construction Date : 12.2007 - 06.2008
Land Area : 767 m2
Building Area : 173 m2
Project Type : Housing
Building Method : Reinforced Concrete
When we started working on this project our most important aim was designing a new house which can set into and become a part of the existing silhouette of the village. In order to do that, we decided to divide the house in three sections each of which has different heights.  With this method , the image from the distance apperared as there are three village houses. We decided to use traditional stone cladding on the outside for the same purpose, but we created contemporary inner solutions to fit modern daily life needs.
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