Design Team : Hatice Havle Aşkar
Architectural Office : Çakıltaşı Architectural Services
Employer : Tolga Sevinç
Project Date : 09.2004 - 12.2004
Construction Date : 01.2005 - 03.2005
Land Area : 260 m2
Building Area : 120
Project Type : Renovation
Building Method : Stone Masonry
When we started to work on this old stone house, which is in  the historical part of the village, our first decision was keeping  the existing elevations and propotions of the building from outside in original condition. While we were rearranging  the inner layout we connected the basement, which was a shed in the past, to ground floor with a spiral staircase and used it as a second bedroom. Without touching the wooden supports and fireplaces we arranged an open plan kitchen, living area and a bedroom on ground floor.
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