Design Team : Hatice Havle Aşkar
Architectural Office : Çakıltaşı Architectural Services
Employer : Robin Tassell
Project Date : 10.2006 - 08.2007
Construction Date : 08.2008 - under construction
Land Area : 30.000 m2
Building Area : 5.750 m2
Project Type : Housing
Building Method : Reinforced concrete
Our first aim on this housing complex project  was keeping existing outlook of the village, despite the difficulty through the scale.  We also decided to use local materials. For the site layout we tried not to damage existing contours and landscape of the site and we protected all the existing trees. When we brought the scale similar like the village, we used different sized units as main houses and guest houses , containing one or two bedrooms, which can be personalized within the needs of different users.
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